Reducing our energy consumption, one gigajoule at a time!

In the picture, several team members from Cascades Fine Papers Group – Rolland Division at the award presentation.

Every year, we pay tribute to the plants with the best energy performance results from each of the Cascades groups. We may make “green” products, but we still need to ensure that they are produced using the least amount of energy possible! That is why we created the Best Energy Performance awards, presented by the energy action group Cascades GIE.

With approximately a hundred units in operation, we consume an enormous amount of energy, as you may well imagine. Each plant is responsible for reducing its energy consumption through various methods established by the GIE team or by plant employees. Reducing consumption becomes a greater challenge with each passing year, but when it comes to energy efficiency, there is always room for innovation.

The Best Energy Performance 2012 Winners are:

Best energy performance 2012 for SPG : Cascades Fine Papers Group – Rolland Division

(Picture above)

Best energy performance 2012 for Norampac mills: Cascades Boxboard Group – East Angus

Best energy performance 2012 for Tissue Group mills: Cascades Tissue Group – Toronto (Whitby)

Best energy performance 2012 for Tissue Group converting plants: Cascades Tissue Group – Toronto

Best energy performance 2012 for Norampac converting plants: Norampac – Drummondville

Bravo, Cacasdes energy performance champions!

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About the Author
Fabien Demougeot

Fabien Demougeot holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke. He began his career at Cascades as an Engineer in training, then moved on to become a Supervisor of maintenance and projects with Plastiques Cascades. In 2010, he joined the team at Cascades GIE (Energy Action Group) as an Energy Project Manager, where he honed his skills in thermal energy and electricity and developed expertise in energy efficiency. He was then recruited as Supervisor of the Project Team. Fabien also holds a certificate in business administration which, combined with his experience in personnel management, led him to take up the position of Director of GIE in October 2013. For Fabien, saving energy is much more than a job, it's a lifestyle!

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