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This change may hardly be seen as news since the Cascades® brand has benefited from numerous improvements throughout the years. But this time, thanks to our continuous R&D efforts and a 30-million dollar investment in a unique technology in North America, at our Candiac (Quebec) plant, the group is able to provide superior TAD-quality bathroom tissue. TAD or Through-Air Drying is a conventional technology to produce superior quality tissue products. But, unfortunately, TAD is also energy-intensive and uses mostly virgin fibres.

From day one, Cascades’ mission has been to offer products made from recycled fibres. But, some people believe that bathroom tissue made from recycled fibres is not soft enough. Except for around 10% of consumers who believe that an “environmentally-friendly” product is the most important feature to look for, the majority looks for a product that offers a level of softness or absorbency at the lowest price possible. The fact that it also has a lower environmental footprint is an added value but not sufficient to solely motivate consumers to buy. In fact, “environmentally-friendly” products are often thought to be less efficient.

This new technology arrived just in time since it manufactures quality bathroom tissue, with a cushiony softness characteristic of the leading national brands but with recycled fibres and less chemicals. And, not the least of which, it also releases 81% less green house gases than TAD. 

Therefore, the challenge is to convince consumers that a recycled-fibre product can also be of superior quality. To mark this new paradigm, our TADe quality bathroom tissue has been completely revamped both internally, by changing its recipe and manufacturing process, and externally, by way of a stylish, modern packaging that rethinks industry standards. Starting March 2012, a new advertising campaign signals the launch for this unique product offering by putting forth the multiple personality attributes of the Cascades brand in order to reach consumers on an emotional level.

I am Cascades, soft on everything it touches

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About the Author
Elaine Tassoni

Elaine is specialized in marketing communication and sustainability. She is particularly interested in integrating sustainable development in corporate business strategies, to make it a distinctive competitive advantage. “I chose to join Cascades because I felt a strong affinity with the Lemaire brothers’ values and admiration for the company. I believe that a sustainable environment can only be achieved by first changing corporate behaviour. By eliminating waste of resources, and integrating sustainability in its mission, values and operations, any company can become an agent of change.” Elaine holds both a Bachelor and a Master in Management Science, specialized in marketing, from HEC Montreal. She also holds a Graduate diploma in Environmental Management and plans on completing the Master in the spring of 2012.

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