Sink your teeth into an ecological innovation: Security paper made from 100% recycled fiber!

An innovative paper manufactured with 100% recycled fiber and optimally designed to protect against the most sophisticated forms of check fraud

Any document that establishes identity or has monetary value is susceptible to forgery or counterfeiting.  Banknotes, checks, medical prescriptions, birth certificates … even academic transcripts are routinely manipulated by criminals. In North America, losses due to check fraud alone exceed billions of dollars every year.

What’s the challenge?

From production to print, secure documents must be made with specific characteristics and devices to combat forgery and counterfeiting. Unfortunately, these same precautions make it extremely challenging to use post consumer recycled fiber. As a result, environmental solutions in this specialty area are almost nonexistent.

Document security begins at the paper-mill level, by embedding devices and designs during manufacture to foil even the most advanced counterfeiting and forgery methods. It is, for example, virtually impossible to copy a genuine watermark, planchette or invisible fiber. In combination, these devices are truly “intimidating protection.”

The typical contamination found in pulp from recovered fibers can interfere with the optical reading equipment and visual authentication techniques used for document security. For this reason, the majority of security papers are manufactured with virgin fibers.

Universities, governments, and banks have been seeking better ecological paper-based security solutions for quite some time. How is it possible to use recycled fiber and benefit from the “urban forest” rather than using trees to make security paper?  And how can it be done without compromising security attributes? 

Secure success!

A pioneer in recycling, Cascades also manufactures its own de-inked pulp. By combining its skill in recovery and de-inking, Cascades’ multi-disciplinary team of product development, technicians, chemists and sales was tasked to develop a quality security paper made from recovered fiber.

Cascades recently launched a truly revolutionary product: CheckSecur Platinum Enviro.  It is manufactured with 100% recycled fiber, and optimally designed to protect against the most sophisticated forms of check fraud.

Consistent with Cascades’ focus on sustainability and ecologically-responsible products, this new security paper is also “FSC and Processed Chlorine-Free” certified and is manufactured using local and renewable biogas energy.

This innovation truly makes Cascades a “top dog” in the pack of security papers – we’re responding to an increasing demand for environmentally-friendly products and doing it without compromising document security.

We are proud of our ongoing efforts to continuously innovate and overcome obstacles in the quest for the best – for the environment, our customers, and the industry.

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About the Author
Robert Phillips

With Cascades since 2005, Robert Phillips is responsible for the sales, marketing and business development of security papers in the U.S.A. He enjoys working with customers and end-users, presenting value-added solutions that help mitigate counterfeiting and document fraud. Robert started in the paper industry in 1991 after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Hofstra University in New York. He has seen many changes in the industry since then, but the need to promote sustainability remains unchanged. "As a second-generation industry participant, I have witnessed how important it is to ensure that our industry helps protect our resources for the next generation. I am proud to be part of an organization that continually innovates in ways that drive sustainability." Robert was born and raised in Venezuela and currently resides in New York with his wife, Donna, and their two children.

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