Achou! Flu season is here

Flu and cold season is here!

Summer officially ended just over a week ago, and trees are already dawning red, yellow and orange hues. With the cooler fall temperatures, you may have even developed a pesky sore throat and red runny nose… That’s right! Flu and cold season is here; get your medicine, vitamins and tissue ready. Health Canada may have even discovered a new variant of the H1N1 virus last week. While it isn’t a concrete risk yet, people at higher risk may need to exercise extra caution in the coming months.


A surprising paper

Do you know what an antibacterial hand towel is? It’s just the type of towel you need to round out your arsenal in your fight against germs. We are pleased to be the pioneers of this innovation with today’s launch of the first Cascades® antibacterial hand towel in the U.S. market (available in the Canadian market since 2010) further to. In North America, public spaces with the greatest risk for the transmission of diseases and infections, such as hospitals, schools and even daycares, will be able to procure this new assetto protect everyone from employees to visitors. Remember, 80% of infections are spread through hands.

What’s the secret?

An antibacterial hand towel? Yes, you read correctly; using this towel will kill 99.99% of the germs on the surface of your hands,[2] yet it doesn’t contain any lurking dangers behind its green color. It contains a small amount of benzalkonium chloride, an ingredient used in many antiseptic products found in household cupboards and medicine cabinets. Someone just needed to come up with the idea! This 100% recycled hand towel is made with Cascades’s best environmental practices, and complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) policies and regulations in the U.S.

This Cascades® antibacterial hand towel is now available to all North American customers from the away-from-home market. For more information on this innovative product, visit: Don’t hesitate to share your comments with us!

[1]Source: Public Health Agency of Canada.

[2]Please note that this description applies to the Cascades® antibacterial hand towel sold in the United States only.

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