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Time to “tie” one on!

A new life for Cascadeurs' ties!

A big shout out to fashion designers! Many of them are turning their talents to designing clothes  and accessories made with recycled fabrics. The results are fabulous — vests, pants, leather goods, wool, buttons and jewelry – anything goes! La Cascaderie, our own eco-friendly boutique, encouraged sustainable fashion. And here’s a fresh new idea – let’s recycle our own employees’ ties!

We have started a collection at each of Cascades offices: Kingsey Falls, St-Bruno, Candiac and Montreal. A dozen ties have been donated.

What’s in store for these bits of fabric? Well, we found two fashionistas that are ready to take on the challenge: Cul de Sac and Divine Recup. Off our ties go to the chop shops!


Cul de Sac

Behind Cul de Sac is a young Quebec artisan who makes, among other treasures, shoulder bags from recycled ties called “Necktie Bags”! Not just bags though; she can craft you a cell-phone pouch, an iPad cover, a poncho and more.  She even makes handbags out of recycled pants and shirts!

Want to know more about Cul de Sac? You can find her company on Facebook, or via Etsy, an online fashion boutique.


Divine Recup

The imaginative founder of Divine Recup has made a name for herself putting original artwork on ties and other fabrics. She sells her creations through the La Gaillarde boutique in Montreal. You can see more of her “wearable art” on her website and on her Facebook page.


Is it a tie? Or a space craft?

So what has become of the ties that we collected? Here are some of the highly original designs that our partners have used to give them new life!

These unique accessories will be part of the fashion line-up at the Cascades fashion event of the year, on October 18. After the show, they will be available for purchase through La Cascaderie.

What about you? Do you recyle your clothes or transform them into something re-usable?