Cascades’ very own energy performance champions!

Part of the Cascades Papier Kingsey Falls team during the Best energy performance 2011 award presentation

As a specialist in the production of environmentally responsible products, Cascades’ commitment to the green movement wouldn’t be complete if its own production methods weren’t in line with that ecological vision. With a hundred or so units, our energy consumption is considerable. However, we don’t take that consumption lightly. Each plant is responsible for constantly improving energy efficiency.


The key: team work!

The upside of energy consumption is that there is a variety of methods and alternatives out there that can be used to increase efficiency. And our Cascaders find them. To acknowledge their efforts, Cascades presents a yearly award to the plants with the best energy performance.

The selection process does not only focus on the reduction of energy in terms of GJ/tonne. Why? A reduction could be the result of a slowdown in production, and our goal is to reward the efforts as well as the results.

Now, let’s get to the point: We are proud to present our 2011 winners!


Best energy performance 2011 for SPG: CASCADES PAPIER KINGSEY FALLS

(picture above)


Best energy performance 2011 for Norampac converting plants: NORAMPAC – MONCTON










From left to right: Daniel Gaudet, Clint Dockree, Doug Munn, Pierre Boivin.

Best energy performance 2011 for Norampac mills: NORAMPAC – MISSISSAUGA


From left to right: Gino Lévesque, Rémi Beaulieu, Joe Zenga, Clark Wilett, Gene Rocha, Jean Houde.


Best energy performance 2011 for Cascades Tissue Group converting plants: CASCADES TISSUE GROUP – NEW YORK (WATERFORD)


From left to right: Chuck Arnold, Jagdeo Dipoa, Paul Lempin, Denis Belisle, Hope Brundige, Alain Cotnoir, François Rousse, Denis Grimard.


Best energy performance 2011 for Cascades Tissue Group mills: CASCADES TISSUE GROUP – TORONTO (WHITBY)

From left to right: Geoffrey Landry, Jeff O’Blenes, Larry Paquet, Jeffrey Hicks, Rusty Lowe, Mike Coe, Peter Lawson, Mark Ellerington, Jaan Reiman, Nari Koonjabaharri, Tim Kirby, John Swanson, Murray Hutchinson.


Congrats to all our energy performance champions!



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About the Author
Émilie Allen

Émilie Allen received her chemical engineering degree from Université Laval in 2002. She started working as a project manager with Cascades GIE inc. (Energy Action Group) the same year. During this period, she perfected her knowledge of electricity and thermal energy in addition to building a solid foundation in energy efficiency. In 2006, she joined the Norampac – Kingsey Falls team as a technical supervisor. This experience enabled her to develop her personnel management and leadership skills, while putting her knowledge of energy to good use. In 2008, she transferred back to Cascades GIE inc. and managed the Group until late 2010. Her passion at work and her interest in saving energy made her the perfect candidate for Cascades’s Corporate Energy Director. What drives her to work in the field of energy efficiency? Making large machinery work more efficiently and pollute less creates positive impacts, and she enjoys that.

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