A Cascader who builds for charity

Habitat for Humanity builds houses in partnership with families in need.

It’s amazing how many Cascades team members are extraordinary individuals, not only at their jobs, but in their personal lives as well. And since our social media theme for November is “Employees at the heart of success“, let’s continue to put the spotlight on a few of them!

Coincidentally, Cascades recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity, to sell a new children’s playhouse made of 100% recycled cardboard. And it turns out that one of our employees has been involved with this organization for many years! So let’s our spotlight falls on Gerald Mayfield – a true Cascader, community hero and builder “extraordinaire.”

Valuable time

Gerald Mayfield is the plant manager at our Norampac Schenectady facility in Scotia, New York. His involvement with Habit for Humanity goes back to when he lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to this day in Albany, New York. Every Saturday, Gerald donates time and energy to helping build homes for low-income families, ensuring that these people in need have access to secure shelter. That’s a generous thing to do with your day off!


Why Habitat for Humanity?

Gerald likes the process of construction, and the idea of building quality shelters. He chose to volunteer with this organization because of this shared passion, and because they espouse the values that he himself believes. He also enjoys working with a community of people who understand the value of stepping up to make the world a better place, something that Habit for Humanity has been doing since 1976.

“Giving time to Habitat for Humanity could give you big payback, in terms of feeling good about what you do for others, and in learning valuable survival lessons,” notes Gerald. “If my family ever needs a new home, I have the skills and technical know-how to get it done now!”


Spread the word

Would you like to be involved? Habitat for Humanity is established throughout Canada and the United States, in areas where they are needed most. To find out more, go to one of their websites below.


Habit for Humanity, Canada: www.habitat.ca

Habit for Humanity, International: www.habitat.org 

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About the Author
Carl Blanchet

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University and an MBA from Sherbrooke University, Carl has been working for Cascades for the past 17 years. Throughout the years, he has held the positions of plant manager among different Cascades groups. Main character in business development of Cascades, Carl is now in charge of business partners relations and innovation’s strategic development for the company. "My passion is about building partnerships with other organizations to share what we've learned here at Cascades. As one of the leaders in sustainable research and development, it feels great to know we're making a difference!" Carl loves to be involved: he is implicated in his community as CEO for the Centre du Quebec United Way organization as well as a volunteering member of the Hotel-Dieu d’Arthabaska Foundation.

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