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Your turn! Second consultation on Cascades’s Sustainable Development Plan

It is important to us to keep this dialogue going with our stakeholders.

Are you one of the people who participated in the first public consultation in 2009? The goal of the consultation was to help Cascades define its major directions regarding sustainable development. After several months of work and discussion, we set the basis for the 2010–2012 Sustainable Development Plan. It is now time to plan the next step, and we want your opinion!


Consult with you, our first step

With the year 2013 already off to a good start, we plan to publish the new 2013–2015 Sustainable Development Plan by summer. The first experience has made us stronger, and we now wish to refocus our efforts for the next phase. Cascades has prioritized nine issues relating to the three spheres of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic. We have always valued transparency and dialogue and want to be sure that our sustainable development strategy still addresses our stakeholders’ expectations!


Who are our stakeholders?

Who exactly are they? According to the BNQ 21000 standard for sustainable development, a stakeholder is [Translation] “an individual or group with an interest in the decisions or activities of an organization.” Cascades has identified a number of stakeholder groups:

Share your opinion!

An approach to sustainable development must include the integration of the concerns of these groups in the management of the organization. Cascades has understood this since the very beginning: that’s why it is important to us to keep this dialogue going and to further strengthen our relationships with our stakeholders.

If you belong to one of these groups, or if you are simply interested in our company or in sustainable development, we want your opinion! To complete our online survey (10-15 minutes to complete), click here:


The consultation is over, we thank you for your collaboration!