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Our Greenest Plant!

Geat initiatives for a green plant!

Every day, we strive to improve our environmental performance and reduce the ecological footprint of our plants. Our Norampac plant in Victoriaville, which specializes in designing and manufacturing corrugated board packaging solutions, has had exceptional results in this area over the past few years. Employees at the plant took on the challenge of finding green and sustainable solutions, both big and small. The following are some of their new practices:


The team at Victoriaville carried out a full evaluation for reducing total water consumption at the plant. Based on the results, several new practices were established, including replacing the flushing systems with ones equipped with automatic timers and individual sensors. The modifications resulted in a 16% reduction of total water consumption in the plant! Another change came about following a review of work methods, which enabled a decrease in the number of washings required at the printing presses. The results? An average water consumption of 9L/MSF (Million Square Feet)  compared to 16L/MSF used by other plants in the same category. That places the plant among Norampac’s top performers in its packaging Group.

Ici, on recycle!

The Victoriaville team also made it a goal to obtain “ICI ON RECYCLE” certification from the Québec government. The Recycling Committee established a robust action plan to meet the Program’s requirements. On their first request for certification, the plant received the highest level of recognition, Level 3. Not surprising, with a waste recovery rate of 92.5%! The committee also organized a contest as a means of gathering ideas from all employees on how to reduce waste and increase recycling. This brainstorming resulted in several new initiatives, including collecting and donating used safety shoes and glasses to non-profit organizations in the region.


Energy consumption was also scrutinized. Two major projects came out of this: replacing the main compressor with a variable-speed compressor and improving the lighting system throughout the plant, the offices and the warehouse. These projects have allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by approximately 36%. Impressive!

All of these improvements earned our Victoriaville plant an Alain Lemaire Award for Greenest Plant! Congratulations to the whole team for their sustainable practices!