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When business and sports meet

Eve Routhier, alpine skier

In an earlier blog, we talked about a tradition that Cascades holds dear heart: supporting our surrounding communities. The Lemaire brothers are remarkably generous. Cascades helps to support young athletes from Québec in various sports disciplines such as canoe-kayak, cycling and skiing, just to name a few! Eve Routhier, native of Sherbrooke, is getting a boost from us that will allow her to pursue her dreams in alpine skiing.

Excellence Sportive’s Support

Eve is a member of the organization Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke (ESS), that provides support and structure to athletes in the region as they pursue a career in sports. ESS recently came up with a new initiative, a mentor program called Parrains de l’Excellence. The project partners athletes with business leaders, who support the athletes as they meet the challenges that await any high performance athlete. Eve has Laurent Lemaire, co-founder of Cascades, for a mentor. Laurent, an alpine ski amateur himself, generously accepted the partnership. “When you compare business people with athletes, you see a lot of similarities. I’ve met all three Lemaire brothers and we share a strong belief in ourselves, our projects and in the path we must follow,” said Eve Routhier.  At Cascades, communication and teamwork are two of our core values, and this partnership is a good example of putting our values into action!

The initiative has resulted in partnerships from the business sector for 30 athletes.  According to Stephan Cabana, President of Parrains de l’Excellence, entrepreneurs recognize themselves in these young athletes, who must fight to succeed much like they did as they started out in business.