A prestigious award for the Cascades Antibacterial paper towel propels Cascades into the big leagues

Cascades® Antibacterial paper towel

Since its appearance in 2010 in Canada and 2012 in the United States, the Cascades® Antibacterial paper towel has aroused the curiosity and admiration of many. Does it really destroy bacteria? It’s not often that we see such innovative technology in a simple paper product. From the Stevie Awards in Abu Dhabi, to the Environmental Leader Technology Reviews in the United States, this innovation has won prestigious honours.

Last week, a team from Cascades attended the Edison Awards Ceremony in Chicago, since the Cascades Antibacterial was nominated in the Cleaning Solutions category, and returned home with a gold medal! Again? Yes, but this time, looking at the list of winners, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Cascades has joined the big shots in the world of creation and innovation.

Here are just a few of this year’s winning creations: the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the AT&T remote app, the new 3M LED light bulb, Liquid Robotics’ marine robot for ocean observation, the hybrid excavator by Caterpillar Inc., and Cascades Antibacterial, of course! But wait, that’s not all! The Edison Awards, named in honour of famous inventor Thomas Edison, are bestowed by an international judging panel of more than 3 000 business executives, academics and leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science and medicine. They are one of the highest accolades a company can receive for successful innovation.

This honour, along with those already received, has a significant impact on Cascades. The company has been innovating for almost 50 years, and it is thanks to this ongoing innovation that Cascades has grown from a small family business into a multinational public corporation. Our current offer of value added products has allowed us to share the podium with the likes of Boeing and 3M, and represents what we have become: leaders in innovation.

For more information on the Edison Awards and a list of the winners, visit www.edisonawards.com.


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About the Author
Mélanie St-Pierre

Mélanie St-Pierre is a sustainable development advisor for Cascades. As an intern in the Cascades Communications Department, she already loved how her workplace’s values matched hers. “As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to make a difference. In my opinion, communication is the perfect tool for changing attitudes and habits in a way that favours a greener tomorrow. I’m proud to work for Cascades, a true leader in this field!” Mélanie holds a bachelor’s degree in communication, writing and multimedia from the Université de Sherbrooke. In her free time, she is involved in all sorts of environmental and social projects. For her, sustainable development isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life.

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