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What’s new on the web!

Improved visual design, straightforward navigation, the new Cascades' website is launched!

We were very pleased and excited to launch our brand new website. Improved visual design, straightforward navigation and easy access to content are features Internet users will now enjoy at www.cascades.com!

Showing off our DNA

A simple visit to our site will give you an idea of just how well it illustrates our values, philosophy and vision. From start to finish, the company’s defining aspects, such as innovation, sustainable development, human resources and finance shine through.

Easy navigation

While revamping the website, we also revisited our product catalogue, which is now much more user-friendly. Visitors to the site now have easy access to an overview of all Cascades products, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Find Cascades worldwide

The “Cascades Worldwide” section has undergone a radical transformation and is much more visitor-friendly than before. You can now search for Cascades facilities by key word, group or product category.

And it begins…

The upcoming sites in our web ecosystem will be based on the new platform. In fact, the first site, Tissue Group Away from Home, has already been created! What do you think?
In short, the company’s new website offers visitors a virtual experience that is, without a doubt, better than ever, thanks to its fresh design and dynamic browsing capabilities.

Happy browsing! Your comments are always appreciated!