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2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan: New Challenges for Cascades!

2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan.

We are very proud to share our new 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan with you. It will allow us to rise to new challenges and take the necessary actions to maintain our leadership position in sustainable development.


An overview of 2010-2012

The 2010-2012 Sustainable Development Plan was the fruit of a comprehensive consultation process with our stakeholders. The implementation of the plan produced results that confirm that we are moving in the right direction: continuously improving and innovating with the aim of being the best we can be. Although we didn’t meet all of our objectives, we made progress in many areas, in particular with regard to energy efficiency, water conservation, waste recovery, and the health and safety of our employees.

Looking to the future: 2013-2015

These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous efforts of all our employees. Thank you, Cascaders! We believe that this sustained support will help us to achieve our future objectives and many other accomplishments in the area of sustainable development. In addition, many people shared their opinions with us through the online survey last February, providing vital assistance to the process. The results from the consultation allowed us to validate the relevance of the key aspects of the 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan. Your voices were heard!

The plan focuses on nine issues and objectives, all of which are related to one of three aspects of sustainable development: environmental integrity, social equity and economic efficiency.

I invite you to consult the 2013-2015 Sustainable Development Plan, as well as the 2010-2012 Results. Finally, I would like to once again invite all those interested in Cascades and sustainable development to stay abreast of our progress, and please don’t hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions.