Meet an Eco-Hero Who Is Green by Nature

Valérie Cusson, our 2013 Eco-Hero.

Once again this year, many Cascaders responded to the Eco-Heroes Contest, and most of them nominated a colleague who really shine for their eco-friendly habits. Meet your 2013 Eco-Hero!

A Montrealer with the soul of a country dweller

Valérie Cusson is, without a doubt, one of the most ecologically responsible people you’ll ever meet. As her colleague Julie Loyer puts it, “She’s ecological through and through!” Even as a child, our winner had a symbiotic relationship with nature: she collected leaves in the fall, loved insects and never missed a chance to swim in lakes and rivers. Although she hasn’t changed one iota, she says her awareness became more focused after attending a conference on sustainable design in 2005. “It changed my life, and the way I consume,” she explained.


Mile after mile, those wheels keep on turning!

Indeed, all of Valérie’s small, green gestures add up. Although they may seem trivial at first glance, they have a significant impact on her environment. Valérie almost always uses the metro to visit clients, pulling her suitcase on wheels full of paper samples behind her. As a sales person for the Fine Papers Group, she travels all over the city and, despite that, she manages to do so in an ecologically responsible manner. Even when she’s in Halifax, which happens about twice a year, she uses public transportation. It’s not surprising that the wheels on her trusty suitcase need replacing!

But that’s not all! This Eco-Hero only accepts publications printed on recycled paper, buys organic, locally grown and in-season food as much as possible, uses personal care products that are not tested on animals and that are produced in Québec or elsewhere in Canada, prefers eco-friendly clothing and reusable containers, is involved in numerous organizations and events promoting the protection of the environment, and spends her family vacations camping in our province’s protected areas and parks. Impressive, isn’t it?


In addition to her many commitments, this Cascader is involved in a host of organizations and events promoting the environment. She is a member of Greenpeace, Équiterre and the Coop Solidaire des Maisons Populaires, and she attends and participates in activities such as Earth Day, In Town Without My Car day and the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert. She is an exemplary Eco-Hero!


Valérie helps Interval

Although she was very pleased to be able to award her $1,000 prize to the organization of her choice, Valérie had a hard time choosing, since there are so many. She finally chose the Coalition pour la sauvegarde du mont Kaaikop. The group is fighting to protect the area where the outdoor recreational centre the Interval is located. Why? Mont Kaaikop, the second highest mountain in the Laurentians, is threatened by deforestation, and its hiking trails are in danger of disappearing. Interval, along with other regional institutions, is fighting to preserve this natural jewel.


Cascades is very proud that Valérie Cusson is part of the company, not only because she conveys the company’s values and intrinsic convictions, but also because her concrete actions make a difference in our quest for a greener future. Just like Cascades, we can safely say that our Eco-Hero is green by nature. Congratulations, Valérie!

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About the Author
Anne-Marie Gingras

A Communications Advisor with Cascades since 2011, Anne-Marie now also fulfills the position of Community Manager. She holds a BA in Public Communication from the Université Laval and a Certificate in Marketing from the Université de Trois-Rivières. As Community Manager, she is in constant contact with the public, sharing the company's newest innovations and reporting on its involvement within the communities it calls home. "I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work for a company that is responsible, respectful and transparent. It gives me a great sense of pride! Through social media, we are now able to interact with the population and we value this close contact. Cascades is an organization that encourages creativity and initiative, which allows us to develop in a very stimulating work environment."

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