Cascades receives the Vendor Sustainability Award from Walmart Canada

Cascades rewarded for its involvement with Walmart Canada.

We are the proud winners of the Vendor Sustainability Award presented by Walmart Canada just a few days ago. This honour recognizes Cascades’ sustainability program and its efforts to help Walmart achieve its sustainability goals. Cascades was chosen from among more than 100 suppliers!

A partnership for a better future

Long before sustainable development became fashionable, Cascades was putting it into practice instinctively. In fact, Cascades was born out of a form of sustainable development: the recovery of waste paper. It founders have always believed that remaining true to their values is the only way forward.

Through our Cascades Recovery division, Canada’s largest collector of recycled materials, we collect Walmart’s recyclable waste, including corrugated boxes, plastics and old papers. The collected goods are reused in a variety of products, such as packaging and bathroom tissue, thus diverting tons of usable materials from Canadian landfills each year.

Green DNA

We’re honoured to be recognized by such an important customer, one that also has a strong commitment to sustainability. We are, as we always have been, committed to offering the most innovative and eco-responsible products possible. The result: Cascades’ products are made using 50% less energy and 80% less water than the Canadian paper industry average.

We recently launched our second sustainable development plan for 2013-2015, which is a continuation of the previous one for 2010-2012. This new roadmap includes fresh targets to push the company’s environmental performance even further, and is focused on nine indicators: energy, waste, water, sustainable procurement, innovation, financial performance, health and safety, employee mobilization, and community involvement.

We also present a Sustainable Supplier Award to one of our suppliers, a practice we began five years. With a view to recognizing best business practices in regard to sustainable development, the award allows us to publicly acknowledge the efforts of suppliers that have had positive repercussions on our products, processes or manufacturing methods.

What about you? Which company would you reward for its commitment to sustainable development?

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About the Author
Mélanie St-Pierre

Mélanie St-Pierre is a sustainable development advisor for Cascades. As an intern in the Cascades Communications Department, she already loved how her workplace’s values matched hers. “As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to make a difference. In my opinion, communication is the perfect tool for changing attitudes and habits in a way that favours a greener tomorrow. I’m proud to work for Cascades, a true leader in this field!” Mélanie holds a bachelor’s degree in communication, writing and multimedia from the Université de Sherbrooke. In her free time, she is involved in all sorts of environmental and social projects. For her, sustainable development isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life.

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