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Paper and cardboard: doing more with less… water

Save water, one drop at a time.

Producing recycled paper takes waste paper and water, which means the pulp and paper industry is a huge consumer of “blue gold.” A few years ago, paper mills began adopting newer and much more responsible methods for managing the precious liquid. Did you know that paper pulp straight out of the pulper (the tank in which pulp is made), is actually 99% water and only 1% fibre? This goes to show how important it is to practice proper water management in the industry!

Improving our processes, one drop at a time

What steps is Cascades taking to conserve this precious resource in its paper and cardboard manufacturing processes? Here’s a rundown:

See the Performance Report on the 2010–2012 Sustainable Development Plan (pp. 45 to 49) for more details and statistics about water.


Pushing our limits

This coming March 22 will be World Water Day. To mark the occasion, Cascades is proud to be renewing its commitment to reduce its water effluent: we pledge to continue efforts to limit our discharge to 10.6 cubic metres of water per saleable metric tonne by 2015.

Consult the other objectives of our 2013–2015 Sustainable Development Plan.