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Yes, election signs can be recycled!

A second life for election signs

Did you know that the signs that have been adorning our posts since the beginning of the electoral campaign are not destined to end up at the dump? Cascades wants nothing more than to receive these signs to recycle them and integrate them into the manufacturing process of new products at its Cascades–Re-Plast plant in Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, a few minutes from Drummondville.

Candidates’ signs are printed on corrugated plastic, which is better known by its trademark: Coroplast®. It’s a highly recyclable plastic from the polypropylene (PP) category (code #5). Cascades recovers this “white plastic” to turn it into park benches, picnic tables, garbage cans, patio boards and more—all of which are manufactured in Quebec from 100% recycled plastic. They contain no chemical dyes, are tough enough to remain outside in both summer and winter and require no maintenance.

How is this transformation performed? First, we receive and stack the signs that are sent to our plant. The Coroplast® sheets are then granulated, which means they are ground into pieces by our machines. The resulting pellets are then incorporated into an extrusion process that moulds the plastic into profiles. We use these different-sized “planks” of rigid plastic to create various kinds of garden furniture and building materials.

RECYC-QUÉBEC suggests that political parties dispose of their election signs in an environmentally responsible way. Its website even features a list of collectors and recyclers that accept these signs.

Cascades invites all users of election signs to send their signs to this address:

Plastiques Cascades – Re-Plast, a division of Cascades Canada ULC
1350 chemin Quatre-Saisons
Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, Quebec  J0C 1A0

Learn about our products made of 100% recycled plastic: www.cascadesreplast.com