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The Builders’ footbridge

The footbridge honouring our Builders spans the Nicolet River, joining the Parc Marie-Victorin.

Brothers Bernard, Laurent and Alain Lemaire, co-founders of Cascades, as well as Mario Plourde, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, inaugurated “the Builders’ footbridge” (passerelle des Bâtisseurs) today. The footbridge, which spans the Nicolet River, was built by Cascades and offered to the community as a sign of appreciation for the people of the region and their contribution to the Company’s success.

A sign of recognition

On the occasion of the Company’s 50th birthday, we offer the people of Kingsey Falls this gift, a symbol of the relationship between Cascades and the town. It represents both our rich history and our promising future. The footbridge is a sign of recognition for the men and women from this region who helped build Cascades. The footbridge honouring our builders will not only embellish the area and attract tourists, but will also provide safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists across the Nicolet River.

The footbridge, for which construction began in summer 2013, joins the municipal park and the larger-than-life Parc Marie-Victorin. Designed by artist Florent Cousineau, the 66-m long bridge consists of 75% recycled materials. The structure is made of old paper machine parts, including girders from overhead cranes, de-inking cells, a paper dryer and pulper plates. The bridge deck and safety railing are made out of recycled plastic products manufactured by Cascades. Most of the construction was carried out by Cascades employees under the direction of Luc Duval, Project Manager at Cascades CIP.