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The art of paper with L’escalier jaune

"L'escalier jaune dans l'univers de Cascades" exhibition is on display all summer long in Kingsey Falls.

For our 50thanniversary, Kingsey Falls will be hosting the Dans l’univers de Cascades exhibition, in which three local artists will be presenting works created exclusively from our products: paper, cardboard, and even paper machine paintings. The exhibition inhabits a location that is rather unusual, but makes complete sense in the village that was the birthplace of our pulp and paper company: a 53-foot trailer!

Three artists and a yellow staircase

Isabelle Bonneau, Emily Knight and Monique Verville are the studio’s three artists. L’escalier jaune (whose name means “the yellow staircase” in French), located in Warwick, in the Centre-du-Québec region, is a space dedicated to visual art—a place where knowledge and ideas flow freely. These women, who have been working together for four years already, have developed a complicity which enables them to pool their expertise through creation.

Creating differently

The process for making the exhibition’s works is completely different from the artists’ usual mode of expression. Being three distinct creative minds in their own right, they each have their own style and approach, and work independently most of the time despite the common space they share.

For the Dans l’univers de Cascades exhibition, Isabelle, Emily and Monique worked on all of the pieces together, adding their own touch and style to each one. This new creative process must have been quite a complex exercise!

Come seek out this trailer in the heart of Kingsey Falls, from now to September 1, 2014, and see surprising and inspiring works that invite us to discover traditional materials from a completely different angle!

“L’escalier jaune dans l’univers de Cascades” Exhibition
The Caisse Desjardins parking lot
Kingsey Falls

Enjoy your visit!