The Montreal Impact and Cascades partner up: soccer fans go green

The Green Team ensures proper waste management at Impact games.

It’s a beautiful evening at Stade Saputo: you’ve got nachos and drink in hand, and a great view from the top bleachers of the Montreal Impact’s fancy footwork. Thousands of soccer fans adopt this game plan every night that their team plays in town, from March to October. The nachos may be replaced by an Italian sandwich or just an ordinary hot dog, but one thing all the fans have in common is, together, they produce a significant amount of waste each game night.

Cascades and the Montreal Impact have formed a tailor-made partnership to promote the responsible management of this waste. 2014 is the first season of this partnership, and a variety of initiatives have been implemented.


Our recycling stations arrive at the Stade

Thirty recycling stations have been installed at the Stade Saputo, mainly near food areas and the high-traffic routes fans use at the end of the match. Most of the plastic containers and packaging, glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard distributed by the suppliers on site can go in the recycling bins.

These materials are then sent to Cascades Recovery – Lachine, just a few kilometres from the Stade, where they are given a second life.

The recycling stations are made in Québec from recycled materials in our Cascades Re-Plast division located in Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil.

The dressing rooms and mezzanines in the Stade haven’t been forgotten, nor have the Impact’s employee offices: more than 135 recycling bins have been installed for the recyclable items from the 2014 season.


Recycling or garbage? Place your bets!

The recycling stations may well be installed and ready to go, but it’s still up to the visitors to decide where they put their recyclable containers. How can we help and encourage them to use the “right” bin?

The Cascades Green Team is at every match played in Montréal to help raise awareness about the importance of recycling. Through games and activities, this dynamic group helps kids and adults to choose the right bin for their empty containers and other “garbage.” They give information, entertain and answer questions about responsible waste management. The team members are easy to spot in their green uniforms, you won’t miss them the next time you visit the Stade!

The green measures implemented will help divert several tons of waste from landfill sites.

If every small gesture can make a difference to the environment, just imagine what a huge impact such a large crowd can have, match after match.

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Isabelle Plouffe

As a communications advisor, Isabelle is involved in a variety of projects at Cascades. Her past projects include managing the launch of Cascades’ social media presence and the development of a strategy to attract our next generation of employees. She recently joined the Sustainable Development Department, and she is currently focusing on the Company’s internal communications. “I have the opportunity to work on innovative projects where the human dimension is in the foreground.” Isabelle has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a certificate in organizational communication. She began her adventure at Cascades in 2006.

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  1. Vanessa at 7:34 pm

    Superbe initiative!
    Il devrait y avoir plus de ”partenership” dans les évênements et festivals