Winning Through Wellness


Congratulations to Cascades-Sonoco Birmingham for having the highest 4-1-1 participation rate for 2013!

As a matter of respect and concern for employees, Cascades Specialty Products Group (SPG) U.S. plants have been focusing on health initiatives for many years. Through health and wellness initiatives, the SPG plants have worked to increase employees’ knowledge and awareness of their health. For 2013, a new initiative was created called the 4-1-1, which stands for 4 tests, 1 goal and 1 healthy life. This initiative was SPG-wide in the United States.

Each plant developed a means to have employees measured using four tests: cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, and body mass index. The plants competed for the highest test participation rates. Congratulations to Cascades-Sonoco Birmingham for having the highest 4-1-1 participation rate for 2013! Birmingham had 89% participation from its employees, including 100% participation from second shift! The plant will receive a healthy meal cooking class. The next step in the 4-1-1 project is to take the results the plants received and work on improving them. Plants will analyze their results and decide where to focus on improving, and come up with ideas and new initiatives to improve those numbers. The plants will then conduct another round of tests… this time competing for the title of “most-improved plant”!



PHOTO: Left to Right: Emmanuel Boullay, Plant Manager; John Blue, Rewinder Operator; Kelly Phillips Stewart, HR Manager; Terry Portwood, Team Leader; Travis Phillips, Extruder Assistant Operator; Jerry McGuffie, Utility; Willie Maxwell, Team Leader; Ralph Baughcum, Material Handler; David Welch, Rewinder Operator; Eddie Sample, Shipper; Preshaunt Jackson, Die Cutter Helper; Brian Jackson, Extruder Helper; Jerad Umphrey, Extruder Operator; Arthur Swift, Material Handler.

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About the Author
Andrea Spinner

Andrea Spinner graduated from Johnson and Wales University in 1996, with a Master of Science in Managerial Technology. She began her career at Cascades in January 2003 as Human Resources Manager – Andrea took charge of three different divisions of the Specialty Products Group (SPG) in the United States. Since February 2005, she has held the position of Regional Human Resources Manager at SPG for the United States and Ontario, a challenge worthy of her ambitions! “I have the opportunity to work on things that are meaningful and beneficial to the employees of SPG and work with some of the most innovative and creative people I have ever met.”

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