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Innovative Cascades products that make life easier are everywhere you look. Do you know how to recognize them?

Did you know that many of our products are probably right under your nose? Think of it – bathroom tissue, facial tissue and paper towels are probably the Cascades products that immediately come to mind. But Cascades is so much more! Your mushroom containers, fish packaging and moving boxes are probably Cascades products, too. In 2014, we launched a number of innovative products that are now in your homes and in the shops that you visit. Here’s a look at our 2014 innovations!

UltratillTM mushroom tills

So, what’s so special about this mushroom container, anyway? First of all, this new generation of containers is recyclable, contrary to similar containers on the market that are made from HIPS (No. 6 plastic). Made from 80% recycled content, Ultratill  is also lighter than conventional containers, which means it produces 62% fewer CO2 emissions over its life cycle compared with mushroom tills made from HIPS.

An innovation that helps the environment without compromising quality!

You can find these mushroom tills at a number of retail grocery stores in Québec. Keep your eyes open!

Poul-Tray Chicken Packaging

Doesn’t this chicken look plump and delicious? Our team from Packaging – Consumer Products launched the new Poul-Tray packaging this year, and we are extremely proud! It offers a quicker, easier solution for packaging whole chickens on a production line, and enhances the appearance of the poultry in display cases. The plastic flap at the base of the drumsticks eliminates the need to fasten the stumps and secures them, preventing the wrap film from tearing. The flap also facilitates labelling while showcasing the product brand.

Tandem+ bathroom tissue dispensers

Elegant, stylish and designed for high performance, these new dispensers help commercial establishments manage their operating costs efficiently. Their unique design sets them apart and eliminates paper waste thanks to a system that distributes one sheet at a time. Tandem+ is easy to use, it’s reliable and durable, and help keep the place clean!


Have you noticed any of these products in your local businesses? Have any other 2014 innovations made an impact on you?

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About the Author
Carl Blanchet

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University and an MBA from Sherbrooke University, Carl has been working for Cascades for the past 17 years. Throughout the years, he has held the positions of plant manager among different Cascades groups. Main character in business development of Cascades, Carl is now in charge of business partners relations and innovation’s strategic development for the company. "My passion is about building partnerships with other organizations to share what we've learned here at Cascades. As one of the leaders in sustainable research and development, it feels great to know we're making a difference!" Carl loves to be involved: he is implicated in his community as CEO for the Centre du Quebec United Way organization as well as a volunteering member of the Hotel-Dieu d’Arthabaska Foundation.

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    I am not sure how to go about this but I have a very simple but effective solution to an everyday problem encountered by men and possibly women, both young and old. It is something that I have recognized for some time now to a point that I have tried to come up with a way that may not fully eliminate the problem but without a doubt certainly reduces the problem significantly. It may be simple but proves to be very effective. I do not believe there is such a product on the market as of yet, and I think it should be. I have put so much thought into this idea that I have even come up with a way to demonstrate the idea that by doing so, would reinforce the potential need for such a product. Who would like to be the first in having this idea put to market in some type of saleable packaging? Cascades came to me first. Any interest? Look forward to hearing some feed back…