Cascades at the Quebec Games in Drummondville!

Visitors to the Cascades area looking to rest could lounge on our very popular cardboard sofas.


From February 27 to March 7, the 50th Quebec Games finals were held in Drummondville! Cascades was the event’s environmentally responsible partner, so the Cascades Green Squad was on site to help visitors sort their waste. A team of volunteer Cascaders also staffed the Cascades area in the Athletes’ Village!

A lively Cascades area

Athletes visiting the Cascades area could participate in the “Bring your water bottle” contest for a chance to win a Louis Garneau bike or a GoPro camera. “At sporting events like the Quebec Games, athletes often get water bottles as promotional items. To raise awareness of the importance of reuse, we encouraged them to reverse the trend by bringing and reusing a bottle they already had,” said my colleague Isabelle Plouffe. Thanks to the volunteers’ involvement, we had nearly 400 entries for the contest! Congratulations to the winners, Pierre-Elliot Poitras and Edmond Roy.

Everyone was also invited to customize their cardboard cheering hand. Fans young and old loved cheering for their favourite team with these original items! Nearly 2,000 of them were “handed” out during the Games.


The super-effective Green Squad

True to its convictions, Cascades wanted to reduce the environmental footprint of the Games. With 75,000 meals reserved for athletes, priority was put on responsibly managing the waste: 50 recovery stations were spread out throughout Drummondville, in the event’s busiest areas. Armed with a smile, Cascades Green Squad members helped athletes sort their waste properly—the majority of which was compostable or recoverable. With the collaboration of the young athletes and our brave Squad volunteers, around 80% of the waste materials generated during meal times were diverted from landfills!

Our favourite moment!

On Thursday, March 5, members of our team went around to at least seven competition venues to give out cardboard hands to spectators. We got to see fans cheering wildly with the hands! The crowd was full of energy. The athletes waiting for their turn to compete also took a moment to customize their cardboard hands with their team’s colours.

Cascades’s involvement in the Quebec Games was made possible by the dedication of the volunteers who made up the Green Squad and staffed the Cascades area. Thanks, everyone!

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About the Author
Noémie David

Noémie is an intern at the Cascades Communications Department for the 2015 spring session. A student in the Bachelor of Marketing Communications program at the Université de Sherbrooke (Cooperative program), Noémie takes every opportunity to learn new things and take on new challenges: “At Cascades, I get to put my skills to use every day. It’s a very open-minded company that really puts its employees first. What first caught my attention was the importance the Company places on sustainable development and the efforts it makes to implement best practices and to innovate.

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