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Eco-Workshop No. 1: The Mini Greenhouse

Your recycling bin is a real gold mine! With a little imagination, you can reuse or transform all kinds of containers and packaging. Doing crafts with the kids will stimulate their creativity and teach them good practices in regard to reusing and recycling.

For our first eco-workshop, we are proposing a mini greenhouse made from a plastic container and some empty paper rolls. Here’s how to do it:



Using your scissors, cut the paper rolls so that they fit upright into the plastic container. Leave about 1½ inches between the top of the roll and the container cover, so that the plant has room to grow.


Cover the bottom of the container with soil.


Place the rolls upright in the container and use your spoon to fill them with soil.


Use you pencil or stick to make holes in the soil before adding the seeds (check on the package for how deep you should plant the seeds).


Plant 1 or 2 seeds in each paper roll.


Cover the seeds with soil and press gently.


Water the seeds being careful not to soak the soil!


Close the container and place it near a sunny window.

Do you have ideas for crafts? Let us know!