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Eco-Workshop No. 2: The Cardboard Speakers


Summer is often synonymous with family outings and impromptu dinners with friends. And on special occasions, music is generally the key element that adds a bit of ambiance to the party. This is where your cell phone comes into play: it inevitably becomes the ultimate device that can get you out of a bind outdoors where music equipment is often rather limited. By following the steps below, you can remedy the situation in a snap by making your very own cardboard speakers!



1 empty paper towel roll

2 paper or plastic cups

1 exacto knife

1 pencil



Using the exacto knife, cut an opening the width of your cell phone into the roll.



Draw the contour of the roll onto each cup and cut out the circles using the exacto knife.



Assemble the roll and the cups to form the speaker.



Place the device in the roll. And voila! Now all you have to do is test it out!


Do you have other DIY ideas to suggest? Don’t hesitate to let us know about them!


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