Wonderful, they recycle! Let’s start a green social movement



There are some colleagues we look up to. . . In my case, there are colleagues I think of as superheroes because they work hard every day to convince the business sector to take one more step for the planet: recycle! I may be naming just two—Patrice Clerc (Pat) and Mikhael Metauro (Mik)—but there are many others at Cascades Recovery.


These two men and their work teams are entirely dedicated to the cause. They prevent thousands of tons of recyclable materials from ending up in landfills by optimizing operating methods at our clients’ sites, calculate financial benefits (we already know the environmental and social benefits), and convince the unconvinced of the added-value of recycling.


Recycling is not new. We’ve been talking about it for more than 30 years! But as we all know, it has yet to become widespread. We are increasingly disappointed to note the lack of recycling bins in public places. We are guilt-ridden at the thought of tossing a recyclable into the trash (sometimes so much so that the item comes home with you. . . yes! I do this sometimes!).


Slice of life

I can still remember, sometime in the late 80s, when a bin was placed at the end of my street. It looked like those clothes recovery bins found in various different locations nowadays. It was the community drop-box for our recyclable materials. I also remember there being a slogan contest launched to go along with the beautiful green box. The winning slogan: “It’s wonderful! I recycle!”. Despite the various slogans we hear every day, I never forgot this one. It must be a sign!


Nothing happens for no reason! The other day, at a self-service restaurant, I was stunned to see bins for bottles and paper. It’s fairly uncommon in such places! And then I got this crazy idea: LET’S START A SUPER SOCIAL MOVEMENT (and I mean super—think big). As good citizens, I would like to congratulate institutions, businesses, industries, small offices, SMEs, events. . . all respectable organizations, for RECYCLING.


I am hoping that by publicly honouring those who make an effort, we will inspire those who don’t to go ahead and get started! Let’s apply the social pressure.  In Canada, the U.S. or anywhere else, look for places that promote good practices!


Joining the movement is easy:

  • Snap some pictures of the bins and facilities of the organization in question.
  • Choose your platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Use #wonderfultheyrecycle. Now you know what inspired this hash tag!
  • Note the place
  • Note the city

Mission accomplished!



The place that inspired this idea:

#wonderfultheyrecycle, Presse Café, Boucherville, Qc


In addition to putting the spotlight on good corporate citizens with this movement, in the coming weeks, my super colleagues Pat and Mik will be sharing some of their clients’ positive actions. Who knows? Ideas, inspiration and motivation might emerge from this social movement!


Now snap, publish and share! Let’s all become recycling superheroes!


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About the Author
Marie-Eve Chapdelaine

Marie-Eve Chapdelaine is a specialist in sustainable development and has worked at Cascades since 2006. She is particularly interested in building public awareness and changing attitudes regarding social and environmental issues. In her role at Cascades, Marie-Eve uses her expertise to inform, guide and support her colleagues in maintaining the company’s leadership position in sustainable development. She has earned an undergraduate degree in public communications from Université Laval and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in environment at Université de Sherbrooke. “I’ve always been interested in environmental causes, but also in social issues. Sustainable development allows me to pursue both interests at once. What better than to work at Cascades, a beacon in this area, and a company that is open to implementing all sorts of measures to improve performance and maintain its leadership position.” Because she believes every citizen needs to take responsibility for improving their living environment, Marie-Eve is also socially engaged, sitting on several community boards and committees.

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