The wonderful daily challenges of recycling



Who has never seen a recycling bin these days? Not many! It has become part of our daily lives, just like the trash can, the microwave or whining about the weather! Since it is now an integral part of our lives, we no longer see it as a tool. Instead, putting it out for collection has become a weekly chore. The truck comes to empty it, and then, well… nothing. Do we know what happens to the materials that we scrupulously sort into this bin? No. Can we even imagine the journey that this material will take?

How many of us actually know what happens to the materials we so carefully save from the dustbin? Only the most well-informed among us know how and in what form these products make their way back to the grocery store shelves.

Are we aware that the last quarterly reports dropped in the office bin will find their way back to houses, little roll of white paper that inevitably causes family arguments as to who is responsible when it runs out?

Do we know that that bottle of wine we enjoyed on Sunday (or every day, depending on your tastes) will take on a second life as an ingredient for repairing roads? (Which is ironic given that alcohol has no place on the roads! But that’s my personal opinion…)

In short, the Wonderful, they recycle! initiative is a cultivation area for ideas and information on the fabulous world of recycling. As a spokesman and super hero (yes, we are even thinking of making a film entitled: CAPTAIN RECYCLE) I would like to introduce you to this world and do all I can to help you familiarize yourself with it, answer your questions and rave about your ideas.

There are no bad ideas in this world and all suggestions are powered by creativity. There are no silly questions, just simple answers. But there is a force that has the power to significantly change our perception of recycling, and that force comes from strength in numbers. It’s always better together than alone. We can make a wonderful difference, as ordinary citizens of the world. In a time when everyone makes their property line their limit, it would be wonderful if we could talk to eachother as common citizens of the world. Leave the big debates to the politicians and we’ll simply talk about our daily experiences: everyday life…

Super Pat


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About the Author
Patrice Clerc

Patrice has been with Cascades since 2003. He began as Project Manager for market and product development with Cascades Specialty Products Group, before becoming Director of Development for the division. In 2007, he joined Cascades Recovery as Manager of Procurement and Services, before being appointed Director of Business Development and Accounts. Patrice is well-known for his determination. His favourite saying is: “If it’s impossible, I’m interested.” Patrice is very involved in waste management in Québec: he sits on various committees and is a regular speaker at events related to the future of the recovery sector. As he says, “What’s the use of knowing things if you don’t share the knowledge?” For the past three years, he has been sharing his passion for recovery and recycling with young people aged 14 to 18 at the CFER in Acton Vale. He also leads team building workshops for businesses, in which he gives people the tools they need to define themselves as individuals. He organizes workshops that take place on a mountain, while hiking toward the peak! “It’s the effort and honesty that we put into what we do that make us creative beings."

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