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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for the environment…


For the environment, one of the scariest things about Halloween is all of the waste that comes along with it. Plastic decorations, vinyl masks, pumpkin containers and costumes create frightening amounts of avoidable waste.


According to the Retail Council of Canada, the average Canadian household with children plans to spend an average of $75 on Halloween purchases. With all that consumption comes a large eco- footprint with a lot of waste.


This year, be kind to the environment and your wallet by having a green Halloween… all it takes is a little forethought and planning! Here are some tips to help you along the way:


Decorating your home this Halloween? In the same spirit as your Halloween costumes, create your own Halloween decorations! Pull out the craft supplies and your recycling bin and get to work. Recycled egg cartons and cans are great for making bats and spiders (paint the cups black, push black pipe cleaners through the “bodies” and add spooky eyes). Cut gravestones from cardboard or create spider webs from yarn or string. Decorate with bare branches, dry leaves and pumpkins. The best part is all of these decorations can be composted after Halloween!


Happy green Halloween everyone!