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Wrap it up!


I started wrapping my holiday presents last night and you’d be surprised how many household items I found that could be repurposed for wrapping needs. Everything from magazines, to shoes boxes to cloth bags. My goal with wrapping presents is to reuse and to not create new waste. In Canada the annual waste from gift-wrap and shopping bags equals about 545,000 tonnes (Recycling Council of Ontario). As it is, gifts have excess packaging already, so wrapping gifts with more packaging is creating a lot of waste!


Check out these 5 tips to make your gift wrapping, eco-friendly, stylish and one of a kind:

Tip # 1:
One of the easiest ways to find eco-friendly gift wrap is to recycle gift wrap, ribbon and boxes from other gifts. The key to successfully recycling gift wrap is to carefully remove the wrapping paper, avoiding crinkles and tares.

Tip # 2
: A sheet of newspaper or a page from a magazine can make interesting gift wrap. The key here is to make the gift look well presented. I wrapped one of my gifts in a black and white newspaper sheet and topped it with a recycled bright red bow.



Tip # 3: Impress family and friends this holiday season with the traditional Japanese giftwrapping method furoshiki. Furoshiki are traditional Japanese square cloths which are folded, origami style, into nifty packages. These cloths can be re-used as pocket squares!

Tip #4:
 Wrapping paper that grows? This wrapping is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds, so once you unwrap your gift, simply save it for the Spring, plant it in your backyard and wait for the flowers to grow!

Tip #5:
 Lastly, if you do decide to buy wrapping paper, try to look for wrapping paper made specifically from recycled content. Also look for paper and bags that can be recycled.

What sustainable wrapping methods have you tried? Share your gift wrapping ideas with us!


Happy gift wrapping!