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10 Eco-friendly Actions to Celebrate Earth Day

closeup of woman riding by blue vintage city bicycle at the city center with motion blur effect. It is like concept for activity and healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly transport

Are you ready to try composting or a green cleaning routine? Will you start plant a tree or ride your bike? This Earth Month, challenge yourself to help create a healthier world by making some changes to your daily routine. Through these actions big and small, we all can celebrate Earth Day, every day:


1. Buy local. Buying local produce and other items reduces shipping related greenhouse gas emissions and also supports local businesses and communities.

Source : Pixabay

Source : Pixabay

2. Hang your laundry out to dry instead of using the dryer; they suck energy! Drying racks are pretty cheap.

3. Walk, bike, use public transit or carpool instead of getting in that car all by your lonely self!

4. Go vegetarian once a week. One less meat-based meal a week helps the planet and your diet.

Source : Pixabay

Source : Pixabay

5. Conserve energy. Install energy efficient lights and turn them off when you walk out of the room. Turn off the stereo, TV, computer and power bars off, if you’re not using them!

6. Start composting. Food scraps, coffee grounds and paper towels can be composted instead of trashed, and compost is an ideal way to fertilize your outdoor space.

7. Use both sides of paper. Set your printer’s default option to print double-sided (duplex printing). And when you’re finished with your documents, don’t forget to take them to the recycling bin.

8. With warm weather just around the corner, start your own herb garden. They don’t take much – a bit of soil, lots of sunlight, and watering.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

9. Give it away. Before you throw something away, think about if someone else might need it. Either donate to a charitable organization or post it on a web site designed to connect people and things, such as Freecycle.org.

10. Lastly, learn more about the environment. Earth Month is a good time to make a commitment to learning more about the environment and how you can help to protect it. Read articles on the current issues affecting the environment, like climate change, water shortages, and air pollution.


Remember that every day is Earth Day. Anything to help our environment is a perfect thing to do on Earth Day and every day!