Social startups and large corporations: birds of a feather flock together!

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These days, organizing eco-friendly events holds no mysteries. When it comes to events planning, there are lots of initiatives that are easy to set up that will help you lighten your environmental footprint.

For our annual general meeting of shareholders, in addition to implementing our traditional measures (invitations sent via email, car-pooling, an easy-to-access location, using recycled products, etc.), we added a special touch by connecting with the circular and social economy.

Last December, Cascades collaborated with NOVAE for the first edition of the MOUVEMENT contest, which aimed to shine the spotlight on social innovation projects. That’s where we met several young and inspiring companies, including LOOP and BÉCIK JAUNE. Since their offers were right in line with a need we were looking to fulfill for our annual general meeting, we invited them to join us for the occasion.


LOOP: Juice from a circular economy

Giving a second life to hundreds of tons of fruits and vegetables each year is the challenge taken on by Julie Poitras-Saulnier, David Côté, Frédéric Monette and their company LOOP. These days, with food waste being a huge concern, their project of making cold-pressed juice entirely from surplus or unsold produce obtained from a major fruit and vegetable distributor just couldn’t make more sense! Since beverages are a necessity at any event, we decided to offer our guests juice produced exclusively by LOOP.



Crédit photo : Loop


BÉCIK JAUNE: Bicycles that will brighten up your ride

Each year, we offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by our guests’ transportation through different initiatives that have a positive impact on GHGs. This year, in connection with the MOUVEMENT projects, we chose BÉCIK JAUNE, a young social economy enterprise that encourages active transportation and puts recovered bicycles back on the road through a free bicycle-sharing program. We will support the organization as they pursue promising projects, such as collecting old bicycles.


Bécik Jaunes - Conférence de presse, 25 mai 2011

Photo Credit: Bécik jaune

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

LOOP and BÉCIK JAUNE reflect Cascades’ values, from its roots all the way to its business model: giving items a second life! Collaborating with them just came naturally.


There it is! Two simple initiatives that made our annual event that much more social, local and green!


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Marie-Eve Chapdelaine

Marie-Eve Chapdelaine is a specialist in sustainable development and has worked at Cascades since 2006. She is particularly interested in building public awareness and changing attitudes regarding social and environmental issues. In her role at Cascades, Marie-Eve uses her expertise to inform, guide and support her colleagues in maintaining the company’s leadership position in sustainable development. She has earned an undergraduate degree in public communications from Université Laval and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in environment at Université de Sherbrooke. “I’ve always been interested in environmental causes, but also in social issues. Sustainable development allows me to pursue both interests at once. What better than to work at Cascades, a beacon in this area, and a company that is open to implementing all sorts of measures to improve performance and maintain its leadership position.” Because she believes every citizen needs to take responsibility for improving their living environment, Marie-Eve is also socially engaged, sitting on several community boards and committees.

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