Netiquette is constituted of a set of best practices guidelines that we all must follow when interacting on the Internet.

Courtesy and respect must guide all our exchanges.

Failure to follow these basic principles will result in the moderation and removal of the offending comments by Cascades without notice.

Comments on the Cascades blog as well as conversations on its social media accounts are valued and appreciated. Used appropriately, the blog and social media are factors of growth and progress.

The rules set out below will help foster courteous exchanges:

Proper conduct

The Cascades blog and social media accounts are accessible to all.

Cascades will not permit any messages deemed illegal, inappropriate, obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, abusive or unrelated to its activities and reserves the right to remove such comments at its sole discretion and without notice.

On the Internet, using ALL CAPS is the equivalent of shouting and can be interpreted as aggressive. All messages containing one or more words using all capital letters (with the exception of initials and acronyms) will be rejected.

Cascades will correct any erroneous or false information as quickly as possible.


Interaction on the Cascades blog and social media accounts is not anonymous. Users who wish to post a comment are required to use their first and last names. The information will be displayed as soon as the comment is published on the blog. Cascades reserves the right to delete a comment if there is a doubt on the identity of the author.

Users who wish to post a comment on the Cascades blog are required to supply an email address. This information is for validation purposes only and will not be published with the comment.

Impersonation of a blogger, editor, moderator or any other person will not be tolerated.


Cascades will respond to user comments, where appropriate, as quickly as possible. Cascades will not edit blog comments but will moderate them once posted.

Users cannot delete comments once they are published. Cascades recommends they carefully consider their comments before posting and avoid using personal or confidential information.

It is possible to include a hyperlink in a comment, as long it points to a site or article that is relevant to the subject of conversation. Comments with more than two hyperlinks will not be tolerated, in order to prevent abuse.

Users should not post the same comment more than once to avoid the appearance of spamming.

Posting advertising and calls for mobilization in any form is prohibited.

Authenticity of information

Users must ensure that the content they post is authentic and that they are not infringing on the intellectual property rights or privacy of a third party.


By posting content on the Cascades blog and social media accounts, users grant Cascades the right to use and distribute the content for any purpose gratuitously and without limit.

Users accept that their comments will be indexed by Internet search engines.

Cascades reserves the right to modify these netiquette guidelines without notice.

Social media policy

The Corporation has implemented a social media policy for employees that can be found on its website.